body detox

It is impossible to drive a car with some waste in the tank of the fuel. Why because it will not function smoothly. So what is the least we could do for the smooth functioning of a car or another vehicle? It is as simple as to maintain it properly with proper care and love. Similarly, is it possible to fuel a petrol car with diesel? Never, it could even end up with great disaster. So if we are ready to do all these for a silly human-made machine, why are we reluctant to take proper care of our pure home which is our body?

It is said that humans are vegetarian by nature back then. Though now we are bombarded with heavy explosion of non vegetarian food as well as junk food. We also know the fact that we are what we eat. So if we are eating healthy and good food, we will always remain healthy and fit. In this modern era, that’s what we lack. We forget the purity and significance of our body as we are always running after the toxins just for the sake of satisfying our taste-buds. Eating healthy has also got a major role in staying positive.

Food is considered as the major fuel for the body. In that case it is essential for us to consume the proper accurate amount of fuel at right intervals. We are all ready to comprise the healthy state of our body for our convenience. That’s why there is a major demand in the market for ready-to-eat food products. We are not even ready to prepare quality food as well as the apt fuel for the smooth functioning of our physical body. Even for the babies as well as kids we are doing the same. Consuming hell a lot of junk food does not mean that you are feeding your body properly.

A healthy body also results in positive healthy state of mind. Of course our body as well as mind are related. If we take care of our body properly, it is assured that we will end up in a peaceful state of mind. Thus taking a day off from the hectic work schedule is always worth it. Eating lots and lots of vegetables, staying hydrated always no matter what happens, avoiding junk foods, etcetera results in the best state of body and mind.

While taking proper care of body, it is always recommended to take proper care of mind as well. Saving a little bit time for meditation, yoga, dancing, swimming, cycling will do the same as well. Thus, just like the proper intake of pills would remove the disease, proper intake of healthy foods allows to detoxify our body. It is also recommended not to intake food all the time. Proper rest should be given to our digestive system for the best functioning of our body. Food is the natural medicine for the long lasting energy and enthusiasm. It results in leading a youthful lively life. Healthy food is just the remedy for our body’s all dis-functioning.