indian foods

Bubble tea from Taiwan, waffles from Belgium and freakshake from Australia, our country is witnessing an explosion of international delicacies and desserts from around the world. Now, you don’t have to go all the way to Korea to try Bibimbap bowl because it’s all available in our very own cities. While there are several local delicacies to enjoy, the cities are getting bigger when it comes to its international food scene. This is because people today are ready to experiment with different cuisines and cultures. This is leading to menus being loaded with many more fusion flavours and varieties of international dishes with authentic versions.

International delicacies for the national you

A hearty dish of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy, poutine is a Canadian classic served across Canada. But a spicier and dressier version of it is available now as a comfort food in our nation today and is doing quite well.

Another cuisine that Indians are totally in love with is Mediterranean. It includes staple eateries from countries like Spain, Greece and Italy; and countries in North Africa, like Morocco, Libya and Algeria; and Middle East Nations like Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. This particular region is quite rich in many wide varieties of spices and ingredients that tend to make simple and ordinary food full of flavours.

Mediterranean cuisine has long been known for being healthy and well balanced. Think fresh, seasonal vegetables, chickpeas, salad, yogurt, cheese that’s non-processed, a fair dose of condiments and exotic herbs and more. It is a perfect blend of nutrition and taste.

Sweet treats

How about moving away from a simple fresh lime, cold coco and milk shakes and trying some exotic bubble teas to beat the heat? If you are someone who loves to sample different kind of teas, you must try the popular bubble tea. In the city, it is non-carbonated cool tea drink and is called as the tapioca pearl beverage, milky tea or bubble drink. Formulated in Taiwan around 80’s, the bubble tea progressively became a huge trend in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand.

While there is a lot for desert lovers, Dutch coffee is creating a sensation among coffee addicts. What sets it apart from regular cold brew coffee is the taste.

Lastly, warm, fluffy, baked-to-perfection waffles are also a favourite. On weekdays, most waffle-selling joints are packed with people queuing up for their favourite flavours. Some of the most popular flavours are kiki and cream, red velvet, dark chocolate and cream cheese. Originally from Belgium, waffles have gained an immense fan following. Today many joints are creating bubble waffles with delicious fillings such as ice-creams, marshmallows and more.

Think everything from bingsu, ramen, waffles and bubble tea to poutine, momos, Tom yum goong soup, potatoe twisters and bubble waffles. In today’s scenario, Indian cafes and restaurants are offering an exciting variety of international food items to the food-loving population of the cities.

Let nothing stop you from digging into these amazing food varieties and relish it to the fullest.