food and attitude

We are what we eat. Thus the food we consume and our attitude are highly interred related. It is said that if we consume lots and lots of meats and dead food, we are tend to have a negative as well as short temper personality. Therefore it is food as well that decides how we behave and think. We know that it is always suggested to think positively as our thoughts become our reality. To think positive, we have to eat or consume food that helps us to remain positive and healthy. A healthy body can only carry a positive calm state of mind.

Nowadays we can see a youth who are highly short tempered as well as arrogant in nature. We just cannot blame them completely; it is not only just them but also what they consume. It is common to see that our youth sticks to a diet which is imbalanced as well as junk food. Just by performing exercises we cannot stay hundred percentages healthy. It is what we consume that has got the foremost significance. Therefore it is highly recommended to eat healthy and fresh food to stay fit, and then only comes the role of exercises.

Obesity is another major issue people nowadays deal with. It has got a major connection with what we consume. Obesity can be prevented up to a level by eating healthy and fresh. There are many foods that are harmful though we cannot even think to live without them. Some of them are sugar, red meat, salt, saturated fats, caffeine, and etcetera. Addiction cannot be only to alcohol or tobacco but also to tea or coffee. We tend to consume sugar in a high quantity. Just by changing our current lifestyle can result in a massive change. Thus the ultimate power of change lies with us.

We are leading such a care free life that we do not even have time to prepare some healthy fresh food for ourselves. Why to waste our precious time when we have everything at a point of click? Absolutely! This is the question raised by many of our teens. There is a hike in the food services app that it will not help us to think about our kitchen but about the restaurant nearby. We have changed drastically by all these advanced technologies. Technologies are really good and convenient, though these advancements can never be treated as convenience but as a path leading to our own destructions.

If the pollutants are not eliminated from the body, then the effects of such practices are adverse. Especially the effects cost to the digestive system. The mess inside the body should not be allowed to clog up in the tract of digestive system at any cost.

Thus it is never too late to change to a better healthy pattern of lifestyle and eating pattern. It is always suggested to eat more of fresh vegetables, more fruits and more of positive food. And always stay healthy and fit for a wonderful life.