indian traditional foods

Traditional food of India is a melange of flavours and spices. Its culture, culinary style and linguistic diversity are something people from all over the world admire. Its unique sub cuisine, which at times is colourful or piquant but nevertheless too enticing, turns out to be an explosion of impeccable tastes for ones mouth.
Check out these few lip smacking Indian food one must try if they happen to visit this beautiful country;

  • Rogan Josh

A lamb curry, so aromatic hailing from a lovely place called Kashmir, tracing its roots right back to Persia. It composes amazing spices including ginger, garlic and tomatoes. Rogan josh is a delicacy that is mouth watering and is loved by people all over the country.

  • Masala Dosa

Cuisine of South-India takes rice as a staple dish, which also includes masala dosa. This finger licking food item is a generic dish for South Indian people, and has its specific origin in Karnataka. This rice crepe preparation is quiet simple, where the lentils are to be soaked for approx 6 hours for the batter, and later it is then cooked flawlessly on skillet. Its fillings vary but usually you get to eat it with onion curry or potatoes, dipped in white or red chutney.

  • Biryani of Hyderabad

One cannot miss this. Biryani is said to be the food porn of the nation. This food was introduced by Mughals, though Biryani is made in numerous delicious ways, Hyderabadi biryani just stands out and is the most famous one. A mix of rice, yogurt, meat, onions and crazy amount of mouth watering spices, gives it a punchy flavour that will leave you day dreaming.

  • Tunde kebab

You must have tried various cuisines across the world, but your food list isn’t complete if you haven’t eaten the great Tunde kebab. Made of meat, originated from Lucknow and comprise around 150 ingredients and spices. Conventionally it is made of buffalo meat and at times with mutton or chicken. Shallow fried in the oil it tastes heavenly.

  • Indian chaats

If in India, you’ll probably find this everywhere. Not in the mood of eating heavy food? Doesn’t matter, you’ve got chaats. These savoury snacks include pani puri, kachori, bhel puri, masala puri, with peas, puffed rice and vegetables, that are extremely light on your stomach. Originated from North India, it gradually took over the country’s nook and corner.

  • Punjab’s makki roti and sarson saag

Food that is relished to the core, not only by Punjabi’s, but by people of different states and cities across the world. It’s a rich flavoured dish made by mustard leaf (sarso saag) and corn flour bread (makki ki roti), giving your taste buds a satisfying experience. Besides it is rich in its nutritive value.

India is famous for its regional cuisine and diversity in occupation, climate, soil type and majorly food. Nothing could beat its ranges since it involves fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and even chocolates. Indian food is expanding and is influenced by different types of cultural choices so that you could savour it. Don’t miss it.