Studies reveal that people are still victim to wrong set of knowledge regarding food, but the nutritionists today are here for you to save your souls.

Myths people believe regarding food and why they are wrong

“Cooking vegetables and fruits cut down the nutritional value”

Cooking usually damage the vitamins that are heat sensitive like vitamin C and folate. If veggies or fruits are heat exposed for long, the more value of nutrition is lost. However, few cases unlock the health benefits too.

“Too much fruit rotten your teeth”

Fruits that contain rich acid content damage your teeth enamel if excessively eaten. However, sugar level in most of the fruits will certainly NOT rot one’s teeth.

“Carrots sharpens your eyesight even in the dark”

This too is a well known myth but carrots nevertheless do consist of vitamin A, which turns out to be quiet essential for better eyesight. However you can’t really see things in the dark.

“ Celery burns larger calories than gain”

In fact there happens to be no food as such with negative calories. Even if celery contains low amount of calories, high density and fibre, the body yet undertake as much fats to process it.

“Organic fruit-always a healthy option”

There is really a very slight nutritional difference in the interval of non- organic and organic fruit. So don’t worry if you can’t put your hand on the organic ones because the non organic will also serve you in the same way.

“Drinking the juice of fruit is equally nutritious as having the whole fruit”

Whole fruit consist certain vital nutrients and fibers that are trimmed down while juicing. This is why one really needs to see the manner they consume their food in.

“Fresh and Dried fruit contain equal nutrition”

The use of heat energy or high temperature in drying fruit can reduce the nutrients that are heat sensitive for instance vitamin C. However one single portion of preserved fruit does consist close nutrients just like fresh fruit, only in smaller portion.

“Chocolate is an aphrodisiac”

There is limited evidence that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, as chocolates have small amounts of the substances that have an effect on desire.

“Fruit must be relished on empty stomach”

There‘s no such scientific evidence that suggest negative effects of enjoying fruit before consuming different other food.

“It takes seven years to digest chewing gums”

For some this is silly but there are really few people who do consider this to be the truth. Though your stomach doesn’t take the gum in the same manner as other foods but it does work through your system and does not take years to digest.

While it’s true that the online market is flooding with facts and figures, you still can’t really judge between these details. As the progress of social media is at the high we are seeing quite such unqualified influencers who grants their followers with nutrition advice, by even suggesting them to avoid berries in their food because of sugar content, when in fact; berries are said to be a powerhouse for nutrition which gives you great number of health benefits.