bbq benefits

The barbeque is a popular go-to item for a majority of households across Australia.

From dense metropolitan areas to suburban communities and regional towns, there is an affinity and bond with these products that are steamed in the domestic culture.

We often don’t stop to consider why we love the BBQ as much as we do, sometimes boxing the cooking activity with summertime and outdoor lunches for small gatherings.

Yet there are many advantages to using this outlet for food preparation during the week, ensuring that it is an investment that spans the niche event.

Less Fat Through Less Butter Consumption

A quality barbeque appliance will be able to contain the moisture of the meat. This is incredibly beneficial when it comes to the use of butter or the minimal use of it more to the point. That type of spread increases the calorie count exponentially and can transition a standard wing or steak into a fat and juicy item that adds weight for the consumer. Many cooks at home will throw extra butter and olive oil onto a pan to achieve that same level of moisture, but a proven BBQ brand will be able to offer that consistent juicy taste and texture without adding fatty butter to the mixture.

Superior Flavour

It does not take much of an experienced palate to decipher between a meal cooked on a barbeque against another that was baked in an oven or fried on a pan. From the juices that are caramelised to the rustic charcoal that adds a degree of character and texture to the meats and vegetables, this is an authentic cooking method that genuinely delivers on flavour. This might be considered a subjective domain, but more times than not participants love to enjoy the flavour of food made on these elements.

Healthier Meats

While many meats are deemed unhealthy due to their fat content, there are benefits to consuming these foods in moderation. These benefits are amplified when grilled on a quality barbeque appliance, retaining levels of thiamine and riboflavin that are part of a healthy functioning diet. Such nutrients are regularly lost and not preserved when placed onto a steaming hot pan. If you want to optimise the health of your meat, whether that involves steak, pork, turkey, chicken, lamb or beef – settle on a BBQ grill.

Healthier Vegetables

One overlooked benefit of using a family barbeque is to grill vegetables. This is a product often viewed through cooking meats alone, but there are a number of advantages to applying tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, corn, cauliflower and broccoli to the outlet. Unlike the baking or boiling process, all of the top nutritional elements are stored in the item when grilled on these appliances. The same principles apply to seafood as prawns and salmon retain many of their qualities at the same time.

Social Cooking Style

Arguably the greatest joy of cooking on a barbeque is the nature of the activity itself. Many kitchens inside a household will be closed off or limited in their proximity to the outdoor patio and living room, creating an artificial barrier that is far from welcoming. These products can be found at beaches and public parks where families and groups can take their ingredients, enjoy the landscape and prepare a delicious meal. There is also a great variety in the niche itself, ranging from portable grills to electric and gas models that suit different settings. Above all, it is a style that encourages social interaction.


Clearly we have reason to love the barbeque. It is a quick method that happens to be user-friendly and flexible in its application. Why stick to the pan when there is a superior alternative out there?