import meal is breakfast

There is no substitute for a full and hearty breakfast.

Irrespective of your gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or financial status, this is a meal that is widely accepted as being the most important of the day.

This is not to downplay the value of a healthy lunch and dinner interrupted by some delicious snacks and beverages over the course of a week, but it is impossible to overlook the significance of eating well from the get-go.

It is time to discuss why this consensus has been held for such a long time, delving into the value of a quality plate or bowl in the morning.

Fueling Your Daily Energy

To kick start your metabolism and inject your body with the energy it needs to work and be active, breakfast becomes the most crucial of meals. This works on two key levels – for the body to feel energised and for the mind to feel stimulated. Everyone has come across fellow students at school or colleagues at the workplace who have rushed out the door without having their morning intake. They appear fatigued on a physical and mental level. That is why the initial injection of energy is paramount, feeding the body fuel for physical and mental stimulation.

Sets The Tone

Once a consumer has tucked into a food high in fat or sugar during the morning, that can set the tone for additional poor eating habits for the remainder of the day and the evening. This is where breakfast becomes fundamental, especially after fasting during a sleep that can last anywhere between 5-9 hours. It establishes personal boundaries, particularly for children who require guidance from the parents and guardians. It will also add value to sweets and treats during cheat meals and weekends, making it a special occasion rather than becoming part of the norm because it is cheap and convenient.

Prevents Additional Overeating Habits

When consumers think about strategies that can help them lose weight, one of the domains that has to be considered first is their breakfast intake. This is all about portion control, ensuring that individuals don’t bank on brunch or lunch to overeat and overcompensate for skipping out on the first stop. To curb those future desires at a later junction, it is key to schedule in that very first meal of a morning to prevent those hunger cravings as the day progresses.

Lowering Serious Health Risks

Overeating is not just a bad habit to get into when avoiding breakfast, it is a dangerous behaviour that can lead to serious health risks. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer has been linked to poor eating habits, supplementing healthy fibre and protein with saturated fats and sugar that impacts upon blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Enjoying Fibre and Protein

Given the wide variety of breakfast types that are available to either cook at home or to eat out at a restaurant or fast food establishment, there is never a shortage of fibre and protein constituted in these meals. From pancakes and hash browns to the classic bacon and egg roll to toast and jam or oatmeal cereal, many of these menu items will carry the fibre and protein that balances out a healthy diet. There is also plenty of health properties sourced through breakfast beverages, ranging from freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice to coffee and tea.


A wholesome breakfast is the perfect remedy for consumers who want to start off their day on the right note. This is a meal that can be creative and varied in its substance, so it does not have to be viewed as a chore but a delicious and appetising meal that ticks all the important boxes.