cheat day

Cheat meals are fun and the options are seemingly endless.

From pizza and sushi to pies, chips, chicken wings, pastas and burgers, the body will crave this succulent and delicious food.

While it won’t be ideal for fat consumption, it does play a key role in balancing a diet over the span of a tough workout week.

How can you enjoy this meal time without feeling guilty or allowing it to throw the schedule off track?

Fortunately there are some clever tips that can help participants manage this domain better.

Make It Part Of The Routine

Arguably the greatest challenge involved with integrating the cheat meal is seeing the indulgence as part of a routine. If it is seen for what it is as a necessary luxury to balance the dietary requirements and to alleviate stress, it will be incredibly beneficial. If it is a choice that is made on a whim because that is how you are feeling, it is easy to fall off that schedule and create a cheat week or month! The popular option is to earmark Sunday as the big reward day for the end of the weekend, but if a Wednesday or Friday works better – pen it into the weekly calendar.

Save The Biggest Workout Just Prior To Cheat Meal

The body works in special ways. To be cheat meal fit, it is best advised to save up additional space for those carbohydrates with an extensive workout that gets you sweating up a storm. Gym circuits that are high in intensity at short, sharp bursts are best to burn as much fat as possible. The lower your reserves of glycogen in the body, the less fat will be stored when you do get to enjoy the splurge.

Prepare With High-Fibre and High-Protein Meal

One of the best steps that can assist with a healthy balance in preparation for a cheat meal is to enjoy food that is high in fibre and high in protein. The popular option is to throw together a salad complimented by chicken breast and fresh vegetables. This achieves two very important objectives – satisfying hunger cravings and minimising the calorie count. Schedule this meal the evening before to maximise the value of the upcoming delight. Cheating when you are starving is a big no because it will likely see participants overindulge and overcompensate with a major binge that ventures into breads, desserts and beverages.

You Can Still Stick To a Diet and Cheat At The Same Time

Sushi trains are perfect outlets where people can indulge in their cheat cravings and still be ready for their workout routine the very next day. The body requires carbohydrates to burn fat and this mixture of rice, seafood and vegetables is the ideal tonic. The same can be said for pies and vegetables, steaks and even some types of pizza with the appropriate toppings.

Don’t Cheat The Entire Day

It is an unfortunate fact but one that must be mentioned – an extravagant cheat day can set weight loss and conditioning back a number of steps with a major binge. Reserve one of two options: lunch or dinner. Just because the activity is labeled as ‘cheat day,’ that should not give people carte blanche to binge from morning till night. Portion control still matters within this allocated window.

Drink Plenty of h2O

Water is a great outlet when it comes to the big meal. This will give the body the necessary tools to flush out the system and provide a healthy level of nutrients and antioxidants. It will also stimulate the metabolism and avoid any dehydration that can be caused by overeating or drinking of caffeine or alcohol.

Enjoy It!

It might be easier to lose weight quicker by skipping the cheat meal, but the added strain and stress created by avoiding fats, sugars and sweets altogether can send people over the top. When all balance is lost and the diet is switched to an extreme, the crash can be extreme to see participants go to the other end of the spectrum. Don’t deal in absolutes because this is a part of the weekly routine that should be enjoyed and looked forward to.